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Growth Chambers Use Guidelines and Rates
Environmental Core - Growth Chambers
Monday, 29 November 1999

Guidelines for using VBI growth chambers

1. Reserve or request growth chamber space with as much lead time as possible. Confirm your start date with Managerial Staff 24-48 hours before that date.

2. While your project is ongoing:

  • Keep plants regularly watered, fertilized, etc.
  • Request any/all chamber condition changes with Managerial Staff.
  • Follow proper disposal procedures for project plant material, i.e., AUTOCLAVE before discarding into regular trash for BSL1-P, or into Biohazard waste for BSL2-P material.
  • Keep chamber area clean and neat; do not leave carts in growth chamber room.
  • Communicate any concerns, problems or needs to Managerial Staff.
  • Expect to be billed monthly for days of growth chamber occupancy.

3. Confirm your completion date with Managerial Staff within 24-48 hours of that date.

4. Remove all material and supplies from the facility, clean chamber and surrounding area, and dispose of material appropriately when project is complete.

Rates are reviewed annually and may be subject to change

Chamber Type Virginia Tech
(Daily Rate, US$)
External to University
(Daily Rate, US$)
EGC M-12 (general use) $5.50 $9.00
EGC GCTC-19 (plant tissue culture) $4.00 $6.00
EGC GCW-30 (general use) $5.50 $9.00
EGC NQ-1 (incubator/germinator) $4.00 $6.00
EGC SG-1 (seed germinator) $4.00 $6.00
Percival AR-36L (Arabidopsis) $4.00 $6.00

If you have questions please contact:

Linda Correll
Laboratory Facility and Resource Manager
Phone: 540 231-4135 (office); 540 953-6775 (pager)
Email: please enable JavaScript to view
Pager: 540 953-4484 ( please enable JavaScript to view )

David Gibbs
Senior Facilities Manager
Phone: 540 231-1384 (office); 540 961-3675 (home); 540 357-0364 (cell)
Email: please enable JavaScript to view
Pager: 540 953-7872 ( please enable JavaScript to view )