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Wednesday, 23 April 2014
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Requesting use of Growth Chambers

Submit your request to please enable JavaScript to view

We will send 3 documents electronically for you to complete (or we will mail them at your request).

All should be completed by principal investigators as follows

1st Form (Request for use of growth chambers)

  • Fill out one for each type of chamber needed
  • Note: If several chambers of the same type are needed, a form for each chamber is not necessary if conditions will be identical for all

2nd Form (Request for access cards to secured VBI facilities)

  • Fill out this form for workers who will need security card access to the growth chamber facility

3rd Form (VBI growth chamber billing record)

  • Supply pertinent funding information for your project, especially a principal investigator’s signature and fund number(s). Projects cannot start without a fund number
  • Note: Once received, billing records will be kept in a secured, private file

Make sure you supply complete and accurate

  • Contact information
  • Start Date and End date (Please discuss with Staff if these are in question.)
  • Details of chamber conditions needed—step or ramp options, temperature, relative humidity, light/dark period times, light intensity, alarm settings
  • Health and Biosafety information
  • Billing information - fund number, ISR number or PO number
  • Personnel information - for those needing security cards for access

Submit the first 2 forms electronically to please enable JavaScript to view

A paper copy of the VBI growth chamber billing record must be mailed to:

Linda Correll
Associate Director, Facilities Management
Washington Street 0477
Blacksburg,VA 24061

Phone: 540-231-4135 (office); 540-599-7376 (cell)
Pager: 540-953-6775

After the billing form with signature is received, managerial staff will respond to your request within three business days