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Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Press Releases
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2014, Apr.22 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to attend 2014 USA Science & Engineering Festival
2014, Apr.15 Machines learn to predict allergens more accurately and may be the first step in eliminating them
2014, Apr.15 Wattam named Scholar of the Week
2014, Apr.02 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and Advanced Research Computing partner for High Performance Computing Research Day
2014, Apr.01 Christopher Barrett to speak at President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology April 4
2014, Mar.26 Fralin Life Science Institute, VBI reorganize to build efficiency, synergy
2014, Mar.13 Researchers write languages to design synthetic living systems useful for new products, health care
2014, Mar.03 Caught in the crosswalk: How molecular traffic lights guide cells and prevent health problems
2014, Feb.18 Hontecillas named Scholar of the Week
2014, Feb.18 Researchers establish benchmark set of genotypes for human genome sequencing
2014, Feb.10 Passion for Virus Tracker in a Box is contagious
2014, Feb.07 Discovery opens up new areas of microbiology, evolutionary biology
2014, Feb.03 VBI hosts third annual High Performance Computing in the Life/Medical Sciences Summer Institute
2014, Jan.31 Modeling Mucosal Immunity: Summer School & Symposium in Computational Immunology, June 9-13, 2014
2014, Jan.23 Synthetic population study offers new strategy for controlling epidemics in big cities
2013, Dec.16 The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute embarks on new Fellows program
2013, Dec.16 Madhav Marathe named 2013 ACM Fellow
2013, Dec.12 Environment drives genetic changes in Evolution Canyon; discovery sheds light on climate change
2013, Dec.02 Scientists aid in fighting deadly drug-resistant TB around the world
2013, Nov.14 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute returns to Supercomputing Conference
2013, Nov.04 Researchers and Software Developers help kids blast off
2013, Nov.04 Caitlin Rivers wins Department of Defense award to continue studies in computational epidemiology
2013, Oct.10 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute announces an OpenHelix tutorial suite on GenoCAD
2013, Oct.07 New computational model reveals novel possibilities for H. pylori treatment
2013, Sep.30 Sallie A. Keller to Head New VBI Statistical Analytics Lab
2013, Sep.12 New pig model developed to study immune responses to H. pylori infection
2013, Aug.20 Kids’ Tech University to host new programs this fall
2013, Aug.05 Students on a mission to Mars
2013, Jul.29 Researchers explore genetic links between nicotine, cancer using ‘next-generation sequencing’
2013, Jul.29 New book charts progress of speciation technology and discovery
2013, Jul.17 ‘Zombie virus’ to be unleashed at national Boy Scout Jamboree to teach kids about contagious disease
2013, Jul.09 Researchers discover hidden pathway that plants use to maintain balance, fight stress
2013, Jul.01 Summer undergraduate research: Student wins fellowship from American Society of Microbiology
2013, Jun.19 Study reveals new details about H7N9 influenza infections that suddenly appeared in China
2013, Jun.10 Summer undergraduate research: Students to study invasive fungal infection
2013, Jun.07 STEM Summer Workshops for youth to be held June 1 and 8
2013, Jun.05 VBI startup chosen for prestigious entrepreneurship program
2013, May.02 Computational modeling uncovers new molecular mechanisms controlling T helper cell function
2013, Apr.30 Join KTU for a day of hands-on science
2013, Apr.15 Researchers honored by Department of Defense with Army Patriot Award
2013, Apr.11 VBI proudly hosts Women of the Year
2013, Apr.05 New book explores the evidence for stress-induced mutation
2013, Apr.01 Reinhard Laubenbacher named Scholar of the Week
2013, Mar.20 Researchers identify a potential new therapeutic target for E. coli infections
2013, Mar.09 Research Symposium brings comparative genomics to Virginia Tech
2013, Mar.08 Recon 2 modeling may help tailor treatments for patients with metabolic diseases, cancer
2013, Feb.21 New Virginia Biosciences Health Research Corporation to foster innovation and partnerships
2013, Feb.20 Christopher Barrett awarded prestigious professorship from Swedish university
2013, Feb.08 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute studies how ‘villain’ gut bacteria may help control diabetes
2013, Jan.30 Double-dipping scientists may have received millions in duplicate funding
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